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Pass Sharing at BUMP

Our shareable passes make it easy to enjoy Bouldering with friends and family and are a straightforward process!

Step 1: Check that your passes are shareable!

Shareable passes include the 5-Day Passes and 10-Day Passes! Passes that are not shareable are the Starter Pack.

Step 2: Make sure you have enough passes in your account to share.

You can check how many passes are left in your account through the GloFox member app!

Step 3: Bring a guest to BUMP!

Remember; your passes are only shareable in person and to physically verify your identity to prevent passes being used without your permission. Note that each of your guests must have registered on Glofox and signed our waiver.

Step 4: Declare your intent to share passes with your guest(s).

You can share as many passes as you have with as many guests as you have!

That's it! Be sure to rent any gear that you require from the front desk and have a safe climbing day!

Limitations & Mechanics
  1. The host must be present for verification of pass sharing.​

  2. One pass will be deducted for the entry of Each Guest hosted.

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