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New To BUMP?

BUMP Bouldering operates on a Walk-In Basis. Bookings or pre-purchases are not required for entry! Feel free to check out our list of prices below.

Entry does not include any coaching or classes. To see our programs, please click the button below.

Our Prices

BUMP has three categories of entry; Single Entries, Value Packs and Memberships

1-Day Passes

Our single day entries grant one individual access to all our facilities from the time of opening until we close.

1-Day Pass


  • Only available over the counter.

  • Rental Shoes & Chalk available separately.

Off-Peak Pass


  • Only available over the counter.

  • Available Weekdays before 5pm.

  • Not Available on Public Holidays.

Value Packs

Purchase a pack of passes to get more value and fuel your new climbing habit!

Starter Pack


A one-time purchase for all our registered customers, our Starter Pack gives you huge value to start your climbing journey with us.

  • Only available over the counter.

  • 3x Individual day entries.

  • Valid for 2 Months from date of purchase.

  • Includes complimentary rental shoes.

  • Stater Pack Passes and rental shoes are non-transferable and non-sharable.

  • Best Value!

10-Day Pass


Our 10-Day Pass works into your busy life schedule; save more, flexible, great fun.

  • Shareable with friends and family (host must be present to share passes).

  • Valid for 5 Months from the date of purchase.

BUMPer Pack


By popular demand, we now offer 10-Day Passes that include rental shoes with your entries!

  • Shareable with friends and family (host must be present to share passes). And yes you can share the shoes too!

  • Valid for 5 Months from the date of purchase.

  • Rental shoes are sharable! (but not reservable for later use).

Subscription Membership

Get more value to fuel your new climbing habit!

Monthly Plan


Want unlimited access to our climbing walls and fitness area with flexible commitments? Our Monthly Plan would be perfect for you.

  • This is a subscription membership with a non-refundable initiation fee of RM100 that allows us to serve you better.

Term Memberships

Have maximum control over your spending for maximum climbing value.



For those who can't commit to our subscription plan or aren't going to be around for too long, our 30-Day Membership plan is a one time payment for unlimited access.

6-Month Membership


Spend less, get more. We're happy to have you climb with us.



You're a top tier BUMP Boulderer and proud of it 💛 Welcome home!

  • Best Value Membership!

Rental Gear

For customers who don't yet have (or forgot) their own climbing gear, we got you covered!

Shoes and Chalk Bag (4 of 15).JPG

Rental Shoes


A pair of sports specific climbing shoes! Please bring a pair of socks to use with the rentals. 

Shoes and Chalk Bag (10 of 15)_edited.jpg

Rental Chalk


A generously sized bucket of climbing chalk, large enough to share! 100% Pure Magnesium Carbonate.

Purchase Passes or Memberships through our app.

Spend less time in queue! Regular customers have the option to buy our Value Packs and Membership Packages through the GloFox app.

The app also allows you to check your usage from the convenience of your own smartphone and book for programs and classes. Enjoy speedier check-ins with the bar code feature too.

Note: Single Entries and Starter Packs are only available over the counter.

Purchase a Membership through our web applet by tapping the button below.

Or download our member app for your phone.

Purchasing for a friend?

First of all, you're awesome 💛 Be our friend too! 😄

BUMP offers 3 of our packages available as gifts, exclusively available over the counter;

🎁 10-Day Pass 🎁

🎁 6-Month Membership 🎁

🎁 12-Month Membership 🎁


Please note that your recipient will need to have an active account with us to facilitate the receipt of their gift.

We also offer physical gift vouchers for 10-Day Passes, 6-Month Memberships and RM50 Cash Vouchers!

Have a question?

Visit the Membership FAQ for more answers!

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