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Membership & Passes FAQ

Have a question about your Passes or Memberships? Perhaps you'll find your answer here! If not, do reach out to us on email at!


Q. Is the monthly membership prorated?

Yes! We prorate the monthly membership based on which day of the month you join. When your membership recurs, it gets billed at the beginning of the proceeding month.


Q. How do I share my passes with a friend?

Shareable passes in your account can be shared by checking in at the front desk of BUMP Bouldering when you arrive!

For verification purposes, you must be present at the facility in order to share passes with a friend. In other words; your passes cannot be used in your absence. This is to protect you from potential fraud.


Q. Can my membership be paused?

Under normal circumstances, there is an admin fee of RM50 for a membership freeze for a maximum period of 1 Year. However, we do grant exemptions for extenuating circumstances such as:

  • Appropriate and justified medical reasons.

  • Unforseen extended business travels.

If you believe that your situation fairly warrants a pause, please email us at

Please note that you will be required to provide documentation to corroborate your circumstance.


Q. Can I have more than one account?

The short answer is no.

Having multiple accounts is expressly against our terms of service as it can potentially be used for abusive/fraudulent behavior.

Accounts are regularly pruned, and customers holding multiple accounts may be subject to administrative transfer or forfeiture of purchases within those accounts.


Q. Can I share my account with friends?

In short: no.

Sharing or transferring an account at BUMP Bouldering is strictly prohibited as it constitutes impersonation and a breach of our T&C.

Each customer at BUMP Bouldering is contractually required to have only one sovereign account.

Accounts found to be shared amongst multiple individuals will be subject to freeze and potential forfeiture of purchases contained therein.


Q. I already have shoes, can I share the shoes from my Starter Pack?

The Starter Pack rental shoes are not shareable.

The shoes included with the Starter Pack are meant to be complimentary in the case that you don't have (or didn't bring) your own set of climbing shoes.


Q. Can I transfer my membership?

Yes, an admin fee of RM100 is applied to the transference of a membership (package).

Please note; only the ownership of the membership is transferred.


Q. The answer to my question isn't here, what do?

Shoot us an email at and we'll see what we can do for you!

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