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Route Setting Introductory Workshop By Boulder Planet

Discover how climbing movement is crafted.

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Learn the basics of Routesetting

Routesetting is a mysterious, difficult job that most climbers think is much simpler than it actually is! BUMP Bouldering is happy to host Boulder Planet's routesetting workshop program for the second time, bringing in the experience and knowledge in from a longstanding tradition of competition and gym setting in Singapore and beyond.


This class is aimed at climbers who have never tried routesetting before.

Get Familiar with the equipment

Handling an impact driver up a ladder is much more challenging than it looks! But don't worry, we'll break it down for you and you'll probably learn about more than a few tools you never knew existed.

Learn about Holds & Volumes

There's more to it than just knowing what they are called. Learn the basics of how to choose the right hold for the move.

Decision Making

Figure out how to make a move make sense and give it a logical flow. Begin your journey of thinking like a routesetter.

The Art of Forerunning

Throwing plastic on the wall is only the beginning, learn how to have the conversation of making a problem purposeful, move by move.

Meet Hilman

Guest Instructor

Chief Routesetter at Boulder Planet in Singapore and veteran competition setter internationally, Hilman Haron returns to run Introduction To Routesetting for a second time here at BUMP Bouldering in Malaysia!

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This class has the following criteria;

  1. Participants should consistently sending a grade of at least 5 dots or higher in BUMP Bouldering

  2. Participants are required to bring a clean pair of closed toed shoes to set in. Slippers/sandals will not be allowed.

  3. It is also strongly recommended that participants bring their own pair of climbing shoes.

Class Details



Max Class Size:

6 Pax


1 Class

7 Hours Runtime (with breaks)

suitable for:

5 Dot Climbers and above

 date & time:

13th March

9am - 4pm


BUMP Bouldering

Jaya One

Terms & Conditions
  1. By signing up for this class, you acknowledge that you are in good health, fit and able to participate.

  2. No refunds will be offered for participants once slots have been reserved. Please allocate your personal schedules accordingly.

  3. For any further clarification or questions; please contact

Refund Policy

Due to the limits on the number of attendees per intake, we are unable to offer refunds for the classes in the event you are unable to attend.

That said, we understand that there may be unavoidable circumstances causing you to miss that class. We will take into consideration the circumstances of absenteeism on a case by case basis when evaluating the fulfillment of value to our customers.

Alright! How do I sign up?

Signups have closed!

If you have questions about this course, do email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to bring equipment?

A. You should bring a pair of clean, closed toe shoes (like sneakers) and your climbing shoes, all other equipment will be provided!

Q. Are bookings refundable?

A. Bookings are not refundable, do turn up for class to make your investment count!

Q. This seems familiar... have you done this class before?

A. Yes! We've run the same course before with Hilman in 2022.

Q. I really want to take this course but I'm injured right now... can I still sign up?

A. We'd advise you to rest, take care of yourself and skip this one. Put your health first; there will be more setting courses from us in the future!

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