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Monthly Membership Terms & Conditions
  • Your Monthly Membership includes an RM100 joining fee that will apply each time you cancel (your membership) and rejoin.

  • Joining a Monthly membership is prorated; meaning the fee for the first month is in proportion to the number of days left in the month.


For Example. If you start your Monthly membership on the 16th of April, the fee for the month will only be for the last 14 days of the month. If the monthly membership is worth RM185, that means you will only need to pay RM92.50 for April.

  • ​This is a subscription based membership which auto-renews on the 1st (first) of every month. As such, you will need to have your payment card in our system, either via the Glofox application or over the counter with our Manager.

  • Freeze and Cancellation Requests

    • As the Monthly Recurring Membership is subscription based within an automated system, any request to Freeze or Cancel must to be made latest 7 days before the end of the month by emailing to to ensure sufficient time to process the request.

  • ​Transfer Monthly Recurring Membership

    • As a subscription based membership, Monthly Recurring Memberships are non-transferrable and locked onto the account of the individual.

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