Volume Control Guide

Volume Control is BUMP Bouldering’s premiere Indoor Bouldering festival. Embodying the ideals of climbing we hold dear to our hearts, the goal is to spread the love we have for bouldering to as many people as possible.

A fun and friendly event open to all levels of ability, Volume Control aims to bring together climbers, collaborating with different Gyms, Brands, Retailers and Competition Bodies across Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Volume Control is the first leg of the newly formed Southeast Asian Boulder League, a multi stage competition held throughout the Southeast Asian region.

 Event Schedule 

Open Qualifiers Registration

0900 - 0930

Open Qualifiers

0930 - 1045

Team Adult Registration

1100 - 1200

Team Adult Event 1200 - 1400
Open Finalist Isolation 1400 - 1430
Open Finals 1600 - 1800
Prize Presentation 1830 - 1900



 Rules - Team Category 


1 The Team with the highest points will rank first, so on and forth. 
2 In the event of a tie (2 teams with same number of points, the team that submitted their scoresheets first will be ranked ahead.


1 Climber chooses a boulder and puts his/her name into the scoresheet.
2 Once a climber’s name is entered for a boulder, it cannot be changed.  ie. If Boulder 3 is chosen by Climber A, only Climber A can attempt and score again for Boulder 3. 
3 Upon successful completion, the scoresheet will be countersigned by a witness from another team.

The Top 15 boulders of each climber will be used to tabulate the total score of the team, i.e a maximum of 45 boulders per team.

Planning and strategizing are needed before climbing.



1 Climbers have 75 minutes to climb and submit their 15 best boulders. Attempts are not counted towards your score.
2 The Top 6 Men and Top 6 Women will proceed to finals.
3 In the event of a tie, the climber with the highest scoring boulders will be ranked higher.
4 If the results are still tied, the climber who submitted his/her scoresheet first will be ranked higher.


1 Finals will be conducted according to IFSC Concurrent Format.
Finalist are isolated until their names are called from their ranking to climb a problem (1 male, 1 female).
The climbers are given 4 minutes to complete a boulder problem, attempts to Top and attempts to Zones are taken into consideration for scoring.

Final ranking will be sorted in accordance to the following:

            1. Total Tops

            2. Total Zones

            3. Total Attempts to Tops

            4. Total Attempts to Zones

In the event of a tie during finals, the ranking during qualifiers will be used to split the climbers.

Find out more about the IFSC Competition Rules here:


We've prepared a downloadable handbook to help you out with details on the boulder festival, you can get it below!

I'm Downloadable!

And Finally, A Few Tips! 

 Bring water, keep hydrated
Bring your own padlock to keep your belongings safe in our locker rooms
Report early for registration
Read the handbook
Have fun!