Road To Recovery

 CMCO 2 Updates 

Updated on 12 November 2020.

Membership Status

All Passes (Starter Pack, 5-Pass and 10-Pass) purchased before 13th October will receive a two month extension.
*This does not include any Passes which expired before or on 12th October.

All Memberships are currently frozen until 6th December. Memberships will automatically unfreeze upon first visit and your expiry date will be amended accordingly.

Monthly Recurring members will receive an RM80/RM96 voucher upon first visit. This voucher can only be used for Passes/Memberships. You may use this for your Monthly payment.

Updated Schedule

We have updated our Sessions schedule to follow CMCO 2 latest requirements.


Session 1

12PM - 3PM


Session 2

3.30PM - 6.30PM


Session 3

7PM - 10PM




Session 1

9AM - 12PM


Session 2

12.30PM - 3.30PM


Session 3

4PM - 7PM


You may secure your climbing slot - HERE -



 Road to Recovery 

BUMP Bouldering is doing our part to contribute to a speedy return to normalcy. For this, we would require everyone's cooperation to help make that happen. During this period of uncertainty we are adopting a set of new rules to help provide a safe environment for you to climb and to be as fair as we can to all our customers within the limitations set for us by the Malaysian Government.

These new rules have taken into account the latest SOPs released by the government, Ministry of Youth and Sports, and best practices adopted by other rock climbing organizations around the world. As time progresses, we will update these rules accordingly.

We acknowledge that some of these rules may cause inconvenience and require some time to adjust. We hope everyone will be patient and understand that we prioritise the safety and well-being of everyone in BUMP Bouldering.

 The New Schedule 

First and foremost, the biggest change would be our day entries. To follow the guidelines of our government and to allocate sanitisation processes, BUMP Bouldering will be splitting the usual day entry into 3 sessions per day.

We are implementing a booking system via our Glofox app whereby you can secure your slots in advance. Each session will be available 1 week in advance, and if necessary, can only be cancelled latest 24 hours before your scheduled session. Each session will only have a maximum of 60 slots.
*all 10-Day Pass is deemed as 10-Session Pass during RMCO.

You may secure your climbing slot - HERE -


Why are we doing this?

  • This new schedule takes into account the average length of a climbing session.
  • In order to allow gyms to open, the government will only allow those who participate in the sport be present at the location. This means for now, we will not be allowing visitors to BUMP Bouldering and we will be temporarily suspending all-day sessions.
  • The new schedule allows for sanitisation processes to take place in between sessions.
  • The new prices are such even though the daily entry has been shortened because we have to incur very heavy costs on sanitising the place.

How will this affect me?

  • You must book for each climbing session. If you wish to climb more than a single session, you may only book after your first session via the front desk only.
  • As each session has a maximum capacity, we humbly request that you stick to one climbing session to allow others to climb in the next session.
  • You may arrive any time during your booked session. However, the entry price for that session remains the same.
  • Each session will use up 1 credit from your 10-Day Pass or Starter Pack. This has no effect on Monthly Membership, 6-Months, 12-Months and similar memberships.
  • After the end of each session, you must pack all your belongings and leave the premise for us to sanitise the place. This also applies to anyone who has booked multiple sessions within that same day.
  • You may cancel your booking 24 hours prior to that session. There will be a penalty system for non-attendance. Please book wisely.

 The New Rules 


  • Customers/climbers are expected to follow the latest rules and regulations adopted by BUMP Bouldering in conjunction with the Kementerian Belia dan Sukan (KBS) official SOPs for gymnasium on 5th of June 2020. As we move forward during this RMCO, let us together ensure the prevention of COVID-19 while enjoying our favourite sport, climbing!
  • Every climber visiting BUMP Bouldering must go through the front desk and check-in using the official application by the government, MySejahtera. This is followed by our Glofox check-in process. Your temperature will be taken.
  • We will turn away individuals whose body temperature are beyond 37.5° Celcius and/or displaying symptoms of cough/flu/sore throat/difficulty in breathing.
  • Every climber must sanitise their hands at the front counter before entering the facility.
  • Kids under 12 and adults above 60 years old are not encouraged to participate as advised by the government.
  • Social distancing measures and markings will be in place throughout the whole facility. Please follow accordingly.
  • We appeal to all climbers to comply with the regulations, to ensure the safety of everyone. We regret that those who are unable to comply said regulations may be asked to leave.

Climbing & Fitness

  • Climbers are required to wear masks at all times in BUMP Bouldering.
  • There will be designated resting areas on the climbing mat. Aside from these areas, climbers are not permitted to rest on the climbing mat.
  • Climbers are required to practise social distancing of 3m when climbing, and 1m when off the climbing mat.
  • We will no longer provide rental chalk. Please bring your own chalk bag.
  • There will be 3 climbing sessions a day. Climbers are required to leave the facility along with their belongings in between each session to allow us to sanitise the facility.
  • A maximum of 8 pax are allowed in the fitness area.
  • A maximum of 3 pax are allowed in the changing room.


  • We will not be serving food and coffee during RMCO. However, we will still be selling grab and go drinks and protein bars.
  • We will be shutting off the water dispenser. Please bring your own water bottle. Your water bottle must be kept with your bags at all times.
  • As usual, no outside food and drinks are allowed. This includes home-cooked food.


Q  When do you open? *updated on 12 Nov 2020
A We will be reopening on 15th November! Our operation hours are:
Weekdays : 12PM - 10PM
Weekends & Public Holidays : 9AM - 7PM


Q Do we book through the Glofox App?
A Yes. If you do not already have an account, you will need to register before booking a session with us.
The Glofox App is also important to speed up the check-in process at the front counter upon arrival.
Q When can we start booking a session?
A You may start booking now! We have already opened slots for the next week. You are allowed to book a session one week in advance.
Q Can I book without any passes/membership?
A Yes, you can. Simply book a session via the Glofox app, show up for your session and pay over the counter.
Q Can I book a session and show up on the same day?
A Yes, you can! You may book a session anytime, even when the session is on-going. Gentle reminder that non-attendance will receive a strike.
Q What is the penalty for non-attendance?
A Every non-attendance will result in a strike. 2 strikes and your account will not allow you to book future sessions.
This is to ensure everyone will have a chance to climb.
You may book your session 1 week in advance. You may cancel your booking latest 24 hours before that session starts.
Q Can I climb multiple sessions a day?
A You may only book one session per day via the Glofox App.
That session will use up 1 Pass (for Starter Pack, 10-Day Pass or equivalent).
This does not affect Monthly Memberships (or equivalent) because these memberships do not have Passes.
If you want to climb in the next session, you may only book the next session over the front counter after your first session has ended.
Q Lets say I pay for the Monthly Membership (or equivalent), am I able to book unlimited sessions?
A Yes, purchasing the Monthly Recurring Membership (or equivalent) means you may book as many times as you wish during the month.
However, you may only book for one session per day via the Glofox App.
You can only book the next session within the same day over the front counter after your first session has ended.
We humbly ask that people book their slots wisely, so as to give other climbers a chance to climb too.
Q Your SOP message only addressed the Day Pass users. What about members that still have an active membership with you?
Are we also supposed to book through the sessions under classes in Glofox?
A Yes, members using our Monthly Recurring, 6-Months, 12-Months and equivalent are also required to book a session to climb.
No additional charges. We humbly ask that people book their slots wisely, so as to give other climbers a chance to climb too.
Q I can't seem to book. The error says I have no credits and I have to join "Pay As You Go"?
A There might be an expired membership on your account.
You can remove it by going into your Profile>Tap the 'No credits remaining on account' > scroll left to 'Your Membership' > Tap 'Remove Expired Membership'.
You should be able to book a session now.
Q I have one / two passes left in my account before the MCO. However, I still get an error message when trying to book a session.
A We are still in the process of extending everyone's account.
The multiple MCO extensions have caused a backlog of data that is taking a lot of time to clear.
Please be patient with us, and don't worry, we have your membership data saved.


Q Have my passes expired during MCO?
A If you had passes in your account before the MCO, and was unable to use it due to the MCO, you should still have the passes in your account.
We gave everyone an extension on all passes and memberships.
Q What happens now if I still have Passes in my Starter Pack before MCO?
A You will still have your credits under your name.
Please use the Glofox App to check the remaining Passes and expiry date.
Q I'm a Monthly Recurring member. Do I need to reactivate my membership?
A Your membership will automatically reactivate upon your first visit with BUMP Bouldering.
Simply confirm with the front desk upon your arrival that you wish to reactivate your membership and we will handle the rest.


Q I'm new and have never been to BUMP Bouldering. How do I book a session?
A Welcome to the BUMP Family!
All you have to do is download and register through the Glofox App, then you will be able to book a session via the app.
There will be a safety orientation for you upon arrival.
Q How do I bring a non-member to climb at BUMP Bouldering?
A They will need to register an account via the Glofox app and book a session.
They will receive a safety orientation upon arrival.
Q Do you allow walk-ins?
A All customers (new or existing) are required to book a session prior to arrival.
This is to ensure that you have a slot to climb.


Q If I want to climb from 2PM to 5PM, would I have to pay for 2 sessions?
A Yes.
Q Can I pay with cash instead of using a Pass?
A Yes you may. Upon arrival at the front desk, please let us know your preferred method of payment.
Q Will you still be renting climbing shoes?
A Yes, we are still offering rental shoes services.
When the shoes are returned, they will be sanitized for the next customer as usual.
Q Is the cafe open?
A Our cafe will still have the usual grab & go drinks and protein bars. But we will not be serving any other food or coffee yet.
Q Do I have to wear a mask when I climb?
A Yes, you have to wear a mask when you climb. This sports requires one to breathe heavily towards the climbing wall, increasing the spread of the virus onto surfaces.
It definitely changes the feel of the climb, and we apologise for this inconvenience. We strongly believe this will make BUMP a safer place to climb.
Q Are the lockers still available?
A Yes, but not all. The selected lockers will be sanitised regularly.
Q Do you guys still have the 1-Day Entry?
A For the period of the RMCO, we will be temporarily suspending 1-Day Entries.
Q Can I still purchase a Starter Pack or 10-Day Pass?
A Yes, you can. The Starter Pack is only available as a one time purchase for anyone. 10-Day Pass remains as usual.