Pre-Launch Phase 2

BUMP Bouldering is expanding! Fresh climbing walls, crisp handholds, bigger space, and much more. Scheduled to open early September 2020.




Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on Pre-Launch Phase 2. This list will be updated periodically.


As a member, can I still purchase the Pre-Launch packs/memberships?

Yes, you will have to go through our website to stack your membership in your Glofox account.


I am unable to purchase the Pre-Launch packs/memberships (error is "Could not purchase subscriptions, please try again and contact our support team if the issue continues").

What should I do?

Firstly, try to purchase it through our website instead of the Glofox app. The app is having trouble stacking memberships if you already have one in your account. If you are still unable to purchase, please head over to BUMP Bouldering @ The School, Jaya One to purchase the membership over the counter with us.


I have recently purchased a 10-Pass/Membership and was not told about this promotion. Can I still get it?

We have put together a list of everyone who purchased a 10-Pass/Membership during the month of July and they will automatically be upgraded to the Pre-Launch promotion.


How long is the validity period of this 10+2 Pass?

The 10+2 Pass is valid for 1 year upon activation. The 10+2 Pass will activate upon the expiry of your current membership.

E.g. Angie has 8 passes left in her current 10-Day Pass membership, and it is expiring on 23 November 2020. Her new 10+2 Day Pass will activate on 24 November 2020.


Can I purchase multiple (10+2)-Pass?

Yes, you may purchase and stack as many Passes as you wish. However, the Passes will begin concurrently upon the expiry of your current Pass/Membership.

E.g. Angie purchased 3 x 10+2 Day Pass. Her current 6-Months membership is ending on 5 Sept. Her new 36-Day Passes will begin on 6 Sept and all will expire 1 year later.


What are the Pre-Launch prices?

Our list of Pre-Launch prices can be found on our website, social media and over the counter at BUMP Bouldering @ The School, Jaya One.


Where is the expansion?

We are expanding our current venue into the next lot within Jaya One.