Nuggets! Kids Climbing Workshop 2022

Raise them early!

Human beings are born to walk, run, swim and climb!

This December Holiday; BUMP is introducing our Nuggets! Kids Climbing Workshop to introduce kids to a mode of movement they were born to master.

Led by Suzanne, a veteran of the climbing industry in Singapore and an all-round swell gal! Kids aged 6-12 will learn to be more coordinated, interact socially with other kids and build confidence to handle themselves when confronted with precarious situations in their future.


Image Courtesy of Boulder Planet Singapore

Kids Will



Playing for kids comes as naturally as breathing! Kids will adapt to their new environment and situation by figuring out how to become good players in new, climbing-focused games.


Bouldering has many unique motions that the human body is made for. Being exposed at an early age to climbing technique will help children develop a sense of what their bodies can do.


Climbing is a sport deeply rooted in an adventuring, cooperative spirit. Kids will learn the unique etiquette of the sport, how to behave in a climbing environment and act sensibly in a group.


Indoor Bouldering owes a lot to climbing outdoors, we believe that young climbers should learn to appreciate and care for their environment and communities that they will grow into and take their place in.

Image Courtesy of Boulder Planet

Course Details

Price RM150/pax
Age Range 6-12 Years Old
Duration 90 Minutes
Venue BUMP Bouldering Jaya One
Available Dates December 13 - Tuesday
December 14 - Wednesday
December 15 - Thursday
December 16 - Friday
Time 10:00AM - 11:30AM
Shoe Rental Complementary