Introduction To Bouldering

Introduction to Bouldering is our premiere course aimed to get first time climbers into the sport of bouldering safely. Introduction to Bouldering is a complimentary* class to all our members and entry holders.

This class is for;

  • Beginners new to climbing
  • Beginners looking to build a foundation for climbing movement
  • Climbers who need guidance learning to get through the first 3 difficulty ranges of our climbs.

In each class you will learn;

  • Bouldering Safety
  • Footwork for climbing
  • Body Positioning
  • And more!

    *Introduction to Bouldering is not inclusive of entry or rental equipment. You may pair Introduction to Bouldering with any of our entry or membership packages.

    As slots are limited, we ask that you book ahead.

    You can book yourself into the class at our reception counter, or you can book in online. Click on the link below to sign up.

    Sign Up for Introduction To Bouldering