First Time

Welcome to BUMP Bouldering, this page is a quick orientation guide to the bouldering gym and fitness facilities here at BUMP Bouldering.
Before leaving the reception area, you are required to watch our safety video.


BUMP Bouldering is the first Premium Indoor Bouldering Gym that combines both climbing and lifestyle experiences.

Inside of BUMP you will have access to our climbing walls, multifunctional room, cafe, fitness area, and locker/showers.

Our Fitness Area caters to resistance, bodyweight and callisthenic training routines.


The locker rooms at BUMP come equipped with shower and changing facilities.


If you need to use the lockers, please note we have a bring-your-own lock policy.


Our Cafe area is a good place to relax and perhaps even catch up on a little work.


Are you a coffee person? So are we! Ask our staff about our coffee schedule.


Bouldering at BUMP

Before you begin, there are a few things you need to know about climbing at BUMP.

1 - Routes / Problems

A climbing "route" or "problem" is a path by which a climber reaches the end of a set of holds. Every cluster of colored holds in BUMP represent one route.

This "route" is green! You are meant to climb it only using the green holds.

2 - Tags / Markings

A climbing "route" or "problem" is a path by which a climber reaches the end of a set of holds. Every cluster of colored holds in BUMP represent one route.

2A - Start positions

Start positions are indicated by L and R tags.

The L tag indicates that this is the left hand start position for this orange problem.

The R tag indicates that this is the right hand start position for this orange problem.

The LR tag on this problem indicates that both your left and right hand start on this handhold.


2B - Difficulty Tags

Problems in BUMP are marked with white tags at the starting holds to indicate how difficult the climb is. The number of Dots on the white tags corresponds to the difficulty of the climbing (1 Dot being the easiest!).

The white tag on this pink hold indicates that it is a "1 Dot" problem, 1 dot is an easy grade!

This problem is a 7 dot problem which indicates that it is crazy hard!


2C - Ending Tags

The ending hold of a route is denoted by a black tag labeled "T", which represents the "Top".

Your goal is to get to this hold and put both your hands on it!

3 - Climbing a Route

3A - The Start

A proper start to a problem is when you have both hands on the starting handholds and both of your feet are off the ground in control.

Start by placing your hands on the starting holds of the route.

Your attempt has begun when your feet have left the ground and you are in the starting position under control.

3B - Working It Out

Proceed to climb 'til you reach the top of the route.

Work your way up!

3C - Topping the Route

Complete your Finish by placing both hands on the top hold tagged with a "T".

Your objective is to place both hands on the Top hold!

A proper finish should be done under firm control. The usual rule is to touch the Top hold with both hands and count till 3.

4 - Special Holds 

4A - Volumes

Grey Volumes as depicted below are a universal color, no matter what colored problem you are climbing, if there is a volume nearby you are free to use it to assist your climb!

Whether you are climbing the yellow or the red, you can use both volumes in either!

Whether you are climbing the yellow or the red, you can use both volumes in either!

4B - Downclimb Jugs

You will occasionally see grey or wooden handholds marked with a down arrow, these are known as "downclimb jugs" and are meant to assist you safely descending the problem once you have finished. Note: using the downclimb jugs to go up is technically cheating. 😉

The downclimb jugs here are marked with down arrows.

Climbing Etiquette 

As you will be sharing this space with many other climbers, we ask that you abide by some simple guidelines;

First come, first served

The first climber to get on a route has priority for the space around them. If two climbers realize are already climbing and are about to intersect, the last climber to get on the wall should be the one to bail.

Keep a respectful distance

If a climber has begun climbing a problem, you should avoid starting a problem that comes close to or intersects the problem they are on.

Don't hog the wall

Always be aware that other people may want to climb too! If you aren't trying the problem, move away from the wall.

Brush Your Holds

Too much chalk on a hold is a bad thing! Brush excess chalk off the holds of the climb you are working on to earn back a little more friction. Some pointers to follow!

- The last climber to brush the route has priority to try it. Ask the last climber if it is ok to climb the problem and offer to brush it after you are done!
- If is good practice for the last climber to brush the holds after their last attempt.
- Brushing holds is not a reservation. If you aren't going to climb the problem yet, let others give it a try; you can always ask them to help you brush too.

Keep your climbing shoes and the handholds clean

For the sake of hygiene, it is prohibited to climb with barefeet or to wear your climbing shoes into the locker rooms. Remember that many holds that you step on you grab with your hands too. 😱


Where Do I Start? 

Now that you know how to climb, we recommend starting at the short wall by the mall window, nearest to the Front Counter.

The ceiling in this area is lower and therefore the climbs here are shorter, this will give you an opportunity to practice these new skills before migrating deeper into the gym.

You can start here, but there are also easy climbs scattered throughout the gym!

Kids, Below 18 and Guardian Policy

The minimum age to climb at BUMP Bouldering is 8 years old.

Between the age of 8 - 12 years old, the guardian / parent of that kid must climb with the kid. This includes entry fee for both kid and guardian.

Between the age of 13 - 17 years old, the guardian / parent must be physically present to sign the waiver form (first time only) on behalf of the teenager. They are not required to climb with the teenager.




You will need to create an account with us to climb in our gym. By creating an account with us, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and Waiver of the facility.