About BUMP Bouldering

About BUMP Bouldering

Crew Profiles

Zhao - Co-Founder

Span-tastic! Zhao is the resident smile specialist, numbers man, peacekeeper and go-to person to ask about our business in general. A technological enthusiast, he loves finding ways for the latest and greatest in tech to improve BUMP. 

Daniel - Co-Founder

Food Mastermind and tasteful gentleman, Daniel is the aesthetic driver of BUMP Bouldering, our cafe and operations director. He's also an all around coolboi with impeccable hair 24-7. We don't know how he does it. Perhaps some things are best left a mystery. 

Ben Toh  - Co-Founder

BUMP's man-behind-the-scenes, Ben's long experience and achievements in the climbing industry are a side-effect of his insatiable urge to discover what more is possible. Our resident elder and mentor, part time wise man and full time wise guy.

Benedict - Co-Founder

Part trainer, part artist and all designer, Benedict's obsession with the way things work has lead him on an endless quest to build all the things. That includes making our customers and community the strongest, best version of themselves they can be. Being the other Ben of BUMP, Benedict's extra two syllables come in handy on a regular basis.

Derek Loh - Head Routesetter

Driven about climbing to almost a fault, Derek continues to put his mind and body in places few other routesetters are willing to go; trying to discover what "good" in climbing is. He's also BUMP's resident gear fiend, voted most likely to one day open a gear museum with a veritable cornucopia of bags and climbing shoes. If you want to know about what climbing shoe is right for you, Derek is the man.


BUMP's Philosophy on Climbing