CMCO 2: Road 2 Recovery

By Angie ZD - November 16, 2020

BUMP Bouldering has reopened again! After the two Movement Control Orders that Malaysia has been through, we are back with cautious optimism. In the interest of safety for our customers and staff, we have implemented some changes to the way that we do things this time around.

We want to do our best to maintain the worry-free and fun environment that you are accustomed to receiving from us. To that end, here's what you need to know:

First and foremost, we hear you:

Membership extensions (check your email!)

All Passes (Starter Pack, 5-Pass and 10-Pass) purchased before 13th October will receive a two month extension.
*This does not include any Passes which expired before or on 12th October.

All Memberships are currently frozen until 6th December. Memberships will automatically unfreeze upon first visit and your expiry date will be amended accordingly.

Monthly Recurring members will receive an RM80/RM96 voucher upon first visit. This voucher can only be used for Passes/Memberships. You may use this for your Monthly payment.

Things to look forward to:

Four newly reset walls to get those muscles back!


Training wall
Front Arch
Front Arch
Back Arch
Back Arch

A slight change to our climbing schedule

Due to some new operating restrictions, we've had to change the timing of Session 3, which also changes our opening hours as seen below:



Last but not least, we're cracking down on our SOP's to consistently ensure a safe environment for our dear climbers:


All climbers will be required to scan the MySejahtera application before coming into BUMP Bouldering. We will be strict and decline any customer who is labelled High Risk. This is to ensure the safety of all our customers and staff within the facility.

Age Limit

Climbers 13 years old and younger are temporarily prohibited from entering our facility.

Social Distancing

Maintain a 3 meter distance away from everyone on the climbing mat (including the climbing walls). Maintain a 1 meter distance away from people off the climbing mat.


    Climbers are required to wear a mask at all times covering the nose and mouth while in our facility, including while climbing. The exception being while drinking water.


    If you wish to use our shower facilities, please do so latest 15 minutes before the end of Session. This is to give the BUMP crew enough time to sanitize the facility for the next Session.

    Additional Info

    Starter Packs

    For those wondering, our Starter Pack is a permanent promotion for all new climbers! It is RM65 for 3x entry including rental shoes. The ideal package to step into the climbing world.


    We are also working on expanding our list of online services*.

    For anyone who is looking to purchase items from our retail section online, you can contact us through WhatsApp (0183604355) or

    *We currently only offer self-collection services. To be updated soon!